Brand Spark by Teviot: branding package for startups and SMEs

5th February 2019 by Shauna Rafferty, Account Executive

Last year we were lucky enough to exhibit at FutureX Global’s Startup Summit, meeting some of the busiest entrepreneurs in Scotland at the moment.

We’ve always been pretty into the startup culture, jumping at the chance to build a brand from the roots up, getting involved in the early stages and following the product through to launch. More and more we’ve found a real niche process and following the success of our most latest startup partnership, Dribble, we realised that this elevation of small businesses is exactly what the market needs.


We popped out a post last year about the importance of branding to startups, though we’re biased we definitely think it’s worth having a look at just how pivotal this is for the growth of small businesses. Better branding = better business, simply put. As it’s so intangible, it’s difficult to really understand the benefits of it all until it’s too late – you’re in the market, struggling to differentiate from the rest and build up that reputation needed to achieve high sales.

While it’s easy to skip these steps initially and fast track your product to the shelves, your app to the store or your site to the depths of the net, the difference between good brands and great is the branding behind it. Think of your favourites and think of your least. When you think of a brand as a customer, you think bigger picture – how you feel about them, how they make you feel, their reputation, their purpose and finally, the product.

Branding is the process of connecting good strategy with good creativity.

Marty Neumeier, Author of ‘The Designful Company’


With this in mind, we created Brand Spark – a branding package created for startups and small businesses looking to disrupt the market with their own story. We want to engage with driven entrepreneurs, with an annual turnover of less than £500,000.


Brand Spark by Teviot is a 3-stage package that provides you with a brand strategy, visual identity, brand guidelines, marketing collateral and a fully responsive website for your venture. We provide the full suite agency experience without the fees to match, giving you access to our experienced multi-discipline team of designers and developers, with payment plans designed to accommodate your available budget.

No matter what stage you’re at, we consider your positioning and create a bespoke package that is designed to play on your strengths and work on the weaknesses to scale your business. By creating a distinct brand strategy we can align your team around a common goal. This future planning perks the ears of any investor, a value well beyond the balance sheet.

We’re all about making good ideas a success. Let us work with you to define the most powerful marketing tool you have – your brand.

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